Humarimba Workshops

In 1988 Linsey invented the “Humarimba” a marimba (or large xylophone) played by three people and suspended from the belts of two of the three players. Since then the humarimba has become a mainstay of Linsey’s work in Community Music, the highlight being a project in 1995 called “The Big Marimba” where 400 people built […]

Instrument Making Workshops

Flutes Alto Flute in “G (See Technical Diagram) Soprano Flute in “D” (See Technical Diagram) Tenor Flute in “D” (See Technical Diagram) Clarini Foonki Carrot clarinet (See Technical Diagram PDF) (listen to mp3 audio 709kb) a new wind instrument which uses a vibrating plastic membrane as a “reed” (See Technical Diagram PDF) (listen to mp3 […]

Macedonian Gypsy Brass Band Workshops

These workshops  are for experienced  players of brass instruments, saxophone, clarinet and percussion (for 12  players or more). The Rom  people (Gypsies) living in Macedonia are famous for their fine musicianship and among the styles of music they play is a type of Brass Band music that is particularly used for Weddings, Christenings and other […]