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October 30th, 2019


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“Dva” (Linsey Pollak & Tunji Beier)

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Even the dullest of us are fascinated by difference. Watch a child stare at a disabled person, a crowd gather at the scene of an accident, or heads turn at a man in a purple suit. Some get it from sci-fi films, fantasy novels or drugs, some from exotic food, wondrous places or meeting new people. What’s at stake is a sense of having one’s life expanded from a just room, a suburb or even a country into something approaching the infinite. It can be derided as escapism – sometimes true – but such instinctive curiosity is also what broadens minds, fires imaginations and breeds tolerance.

Tunji Beier and Linsey Pollak offer a path to the same destination via music. To enter their sonic world is to dare to leave the known behind, and to step back in time to what it was like when you first heard music as a child. Often you don’t know how the sounds are made, but you are prepared to give yourself up to them and be rewarded by the wonder, the playfulness, the piercing melancholy and the flashes of wit. Then there is the implicit beauty of those sounds, and the seamless way that ancient instruments and exotic new inventions blend, as do acoustic instruments and digital technology. Behind those sounds, behind the vibrant composing and improvising, lie two rampant imaginations, harnessed to a fierce discipline of performance.

After two magical live CDs, this is the duo’s first studio album, and each piece is will take you somewhere you – and often the musicians! – haven’t been before: other worldly sounds that are always intensely, irrepressibly human.

John Shand, music writer, The Sydney Morning Herald and Limelight.

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