Anticipation – DVA

October 29th, 2019


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“Dva” (Linsey Pollak & Tunji Beier)

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by candle light   by candlelight

Crow & Kanjira   Crow & Kanjira

“Anticipation” is both a new direction for Dva and a return to their musical roots. Over the last 14 years Dva has traversed a variety of musical landscapes as can be heard on their previous three albums. Since the end of 2009 they have been playing purely improvised concerts. There is no discussion beforehand of where the improvisations will start or how they will finish, only an agreement at the start of each piece of what instruments they will play. This album has been recorded in exactly the same way, made possible by the almost musically telepathic rapport that they have developed. They listen closely to each other, taking either a leading or following role, weaving different modes and time signatures seamlessly together completely spontaneously.

Their current instrumentation takes them both back to their roots as they are playing the instruments that they both originally studied. Linsey is playing various clarinets – The Turkish G Clarinet and various self made Clarini’s (simple keyless clarinets in various modes and keys). Tunji is playing the Mridangam, Kanjira and Morsing  (all South Indian percussion instruments).

“Dva” (pronounced D-vah) is simply the Macedonian word for “two” which expresses the great love of playing together as a duo shared by its two members: Tunji Beier and Linsey Pollak.

Linsey and Tunji first performed together at the “Border Crossings Festival” in Germany in 1996 and have played together ever since.  Although they have travelled very diverse paths and studied different musical traditions, they find their playing extremely compatible. They create improvisations and  compositions that draw on the traditions of Macedonia and South India, their greatest musical influences.

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