“Ancestry” – Dva

October 29th, 2019


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Linsey Pollak plays winds of his own design. Tunji Beier plays a collection of drums and jaw harps from around the world.

Ibbur – 3:44

G Husaini Clarini, Zurna, G Moultrommel, Low G Maultrommel, D Morsing, Kanjira, Deyra, Zils,

The Dust Has Settled – 8:48

Saxillo, G Maultrommel, Deyra, Singing Bowl, Tanpura

John – 5:26

John, G Clarinet, Saxillo, E Morsing, E Maultrommel, Frame Drum

A Crystal Night – 4:41

F min Clarini, Vietnamese Jaw Harp, Frame Drum

D `n’ A – 6.01

Saxillo, G Clarinet, D Morsing, D Vietnamese, Jawharp, A Maultrommel, Kanjira, Deyra, Konakol, Synth X

Reflections – 6:41

Crow, John, G Clarinet, D Morsing, D Maultrommel, Deyra

Woolly Bear – 4:02

Bella, E Maultrommel

Grandma’s Ankles – 3:16

Bella, Saxillo, D Maultrommel, Kanjira,

Displaced – 5:43

A Clarini, A Maultrommel, A Morsing, A Jawharp, Deyra

Oboe In The Desert – 3:46

G Sabah Clarini, Zurna, Kauqin, Deyra, Zils, Synth X

We pay respects to our ancestors. 2011 was the year our fathers (both born in 1922) passed on. It is about remembering the roots and family trees. The relationships coming down through the generations. Remembering the close escapes some were so lucky to have and remembering those not so fortunate. The image of trees, roots and water reflects that the natural world is the inspiration of the music.

This album was recorded by way of live improvisations which were added to. In all cases the original improvisation has not changed from it’s first take with almost no editing or eq-ing being used, and only minimal reverb and in rare cases a bit of compression for some drums. We love this improvising approach, keeping the feeling true to the heart, with all the natural flows of time. The names of the tracks reflect and refer to various family stories – stories of displacement, stories of change and new beginnings.

We would like to thank Andy Busuttil especially for his tireless hard work and commitment, and to Denise for sharing their wonderful home with us.Also Patricia for her great sense of design and Rebecca for her keen artistic eye. Most of all we would like to thank our families for making us who we are.

Recorded & mastered at Blue Mountain Sound – January & June 2012

Technical Production – Andy Busuttil

mastering – Greg Seller & Llew Kiek

graphic design by Patricia Müller – photos by Rebecca Frith

listen to example:

Ibbur: Ibbur

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