Mrs Curly & the Norwegian Smoking Pipe – eBook & Audio

January 1st, 2014


This 15 audio tracks and 40 page PDF ebook book documents 15 of my invented wind instruments. Mostly they have been played in a solo context in one of my ‘Live Looping’ shows or with the duo Dva. The instruments are often seen as fun and quirky, and some of them are! However this project is more about their musical qualities, and to let the instruments express their own musical strength and beauty. Here I play them in an ensemble with three fine musicians — Tunji Beier (percussion), Philip Griffin (strings) andLouise King (cello).


Audio samples

Raining in Skopje (m4a – 9mb) Raining in Skopje

Placam za (m4a – 11mb)  Placam za

Baker’s Dozen (m4a – 12mb) Baker’s Dozen

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