Hybrid Winds

January 15th, 2014

Hybrid-winds-cd-smaller-300x29819 track album.

Recorded and played by Linsey Pollak

This album contains original contemporary music played on a variety of hybrid wind instruments ranging from instruments designed and made by Linsey (like the gaidanet & saxillo) to the WX5 (a digital wind midi controller). It combines acoustic and digitally produced sounds and also draws on Balkan rhythms and modes.”Instruments used:

WX5 wind midi controller (& VL70m )
Clarini & Gaidanet (narrow bore clarinets)
Tarogato & Saxillo (single reed, conical bore)
Zurna (double reed, conical bore) / Clarinet / Flute / Jawharp
Monochord / DM5 drum module /S2000 sampler Played by Linsey Pollak, 1999

listen to example:

Funky Sabah: Funky Sabah:

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