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DVA – Ancestry

February 7th, 2017

Linsey Pollak plays winds of his own design. Tunji Beier plays a collection of drums and jaw harps from around the world. Ibbur – 3:44 G Husaini Clarini, Zurna, G Moultrommel, Low G Maultrommel, D Morsing, Kanjira, Deyra, Zils, The Dust Has Settled – 8:48 Saxillo, G Maultrommel, Deyra, Singing Bowl, Tanpura John – 5:26 John, […]

six four five eight…..six four seven eight – DVA

January 15th, 2014

“Dva” (Linsey Pollak & Tunji Beier)listen to mp3 audio tracks from CD ebenezer.mp3  Ebenezer lik lik.mp3   Lik Lik soursop.mp3   Soursop Even the dullest of us are fascinated by difference. Watch a child stare at a disabled person, a crowd gather at the scene of an accident, or heads turn at a man in a purple […]

Anticipation – DVA

January 14th, 2014

“Dva” (Linsey Pollak & Tunji Beier)listen to tracks from CD: by candle light   by candlelight Crow & Kanjira   Crow & Kanjira “Anticipation” is both a new direction for Dva and a return to their musical roots. Over the last 14 years Dva has traversed a variety of musical landscapes as can be heard on their […]