Current Projects

Dangerous Song

Linsey Pollak (breath controlled animal calls) & Lizzie O’Keefe (voice) Website: LISTEN to the music: Bandcamp ‘Dangerous Song’ is a performance piece that combines the human voice with the sounds of endangered and extinct animals to create an intriguing and moving musical performance. This musical collaboration between Linsey and Lizzie has created a new […]

Paper, Scissors ...Rock!

Linsey’s most recent solo show You close your eyes ….is it a saxophone, a clarinet, a flute, an oboe? … open them and “WHOA!” …what you see are instruments made from paper, cellotape, a drinking straw, a rubber glove and some garden hose.  Linsey makes music by live-looping self invented instruments such as a paper […]

The Balkanics

The Balkanics play high-energy music from the Balkans (especially Macedonia). The music is energetic, infectious and very danceable. As well as traditional tunes, many of them Gypsy or Roma in origin, their original compositions are inspired by many years of studying, playing and living these most vibrant of musical cultures.  Featuring five accomplished musicians who have […]

Mrs Curly & the Norwegian Pipe

Over the last 27 years I have invented and made dozens of wind instruments such as the Saxillo, the gaidanet, the watering can clarinet and the carrot clarinet, Mr and Mrs Curly (contra bass clarinets), Crow (a narrow bore bass clarinet made from Crows Ash) and dozens of variously tuned clarinis (keyless clarinets). Most recently […]

DVA with Tunji Beier

“Dva” (pronounced D-vah) is simply the Macedonian word for “two” which expresses the great love of playing together as a duo shared by its two members: Tunji Beier and Linsey Pollak.Linsey and Tunji first performed together at the “Border Crossings Festival” in Germany in 1996 and have played together ever since.  Although they have travelled […]